Professional Swing Set Installation in Lower Michigan


Our Installation Costs is based on the size & complexity of your wooden playset.

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Basic Wooden Swing Set – Installation Procedures

Wooden Playscapes offers some of the highest quality wooden swing set that are on the market.  We prefer that your purchase one of our brands and models; however, we will assembly and install any make or model of swing set regardless if you purchased it from us or not.

Our basic wooden swing set only includes the installation/assembly of your wooden swing set.  It is the customer’s responsibility to have their wooden swing set location leveled and located in safety place for your kids to play!

After you make your purchase, we will arrange an installation date and time to have your wooden swing set installed.

On your installation date, our installers will arrive to assemble your swing set.  They will inspect your requested play area to make sure the area meets playground safety zone requirements.  They may also make some suggestion concerning your requested location and advise on any possible unforeseen issues such as insects, sunlight, supervision sight lines, and hearing distances.

Following the inspection, if this is not already completed, they will stake out your desired swing set location.

Following your location approval, our installers will relocate the wooden swing set boxes to the building site area.  (We offer delivery services, sometimes our installer may deliver your swing set, other times, you may have already received your wooden swing set and we will move them from your storage location.)

After relocating your wooden playset boxes, the installers will perform a complete parts count and sorting process.

Most of our swing sets come from the manufacturers pre-packaged.  On occasion, there may be missing and/or damaged parts.  The installers and Wooden can’t be held responsible for any damaged and/or missing parts.

If there are any damaged/missing parts, we will try to complete your wooden set with back-up inventory provided to use by the manufacturers.  However, due to the quantity of parts required to assemble a wooden swing set and due to the variety of manufacturers that we offer, we do not have all the parts available.  We may suggest having the parts picked up at the local hardware or home center.  This will allow the assembly to be completed with only a short delay verses days or weeks that it may take to get new parts from the manufacturers.

If your wooden playset can’t be completed, the Installer will note any required parts our job completion form.  This will be returned to Wooden and the new parts will be ordered from the manufacturer.  When we receive the new parts from the manufacturer, we will arrange an installation date to complete your job.

Assembly or Your Wooden Swing Set:

After a complete inventory has been taken and there are not any inventory issues our installers will begin assembling your wooden swing set.

They will square up all the corners and level your set.  Leveling sometimes requires some minor digging and partial burying or one or more legs of the unit to give the children a stable and safe platform to play on.  (Sometimes it may require a patio blocks to properly complete this leveling task depending on your local water table, the compactness of the ground, and weight of your swing set.)

Once assembled, they will double check all installation procedures to insure that your wooden swing set is safe for your kids.

They will break-down any shipping boxes and packaging materials.  The installers usually will remove this material and return it to our location.  Otherwise, they will place them in or near your trash/recycle receptacles.

After completion, they will walk through and allow you to inspect your wooden swing set.  Upon your approval your wooden swing set assembly job will be completed.

Following the installation date, you have a 1 Year Installation Service Warranty.

(Each manufacturer has their own product warranty that covers the swing set product.  Our warranty is on our installation/assembly labor only.  We are not the manufacturer and we do not apply any warranty on the product and/or the manufacturing of that product.)