Swing Kingdom Vinyl Outdoor Playsets & Accessories

The largest manufacturer of vinyl playsets in the U.S., Swing Kingdom offers over 35 standard vinyl outdoor playsets, plus a multitude of accessories to customize your children’s play experience.

Our premium, vinyl playsets are five times stronger than traditional wooden play sets. With accessories that range from infant swings to clubhouses, we design playsets that grow with your family. Therefore, each playset is engineered from a safety-first perspective and manufactured with an eye towards durability. Each Swing Kingdom swing set includes a twenty-year warranty to stand behind our product.

Kastle Series

Our Kastle Tower series includes our most popular playsets. Vinyl playset towers, with multiple options for swings and slides, have been a family favorite for many years! Start small today and ramp up the fun as your children grow.

Double Tower Series

Bring style and double the fun to your backyard with our Double Tower series. A playset design with two play towers means more options for adding on the fun. Add ramps, bridges, swings, and slides for tons of ways to play.

Mountain Climber Series

Our Mountain Climber series playsets all feature climbing elements, either a cargo net or rock climbing wall, to ramp up the backyard adventure. These durable vinyl playsets, perfect for large, active families, will stand the test of time.

Playhouse Series

Swing Kingdom’s high-quality vinyl playhouses are crafted to be just like a real house. Our designs include vinyl siding, weatherwood shingles, windows with screens and shutters, and decorative doors. No finishing touch has been ignored.


Constructed of durable material, our kids vinyl playsets are a stress-free and maintenance-free way to encourage physical activity and a vivid imagination. Our hand-crafted playsets are meant to last for years. Whether you need a residential or commercial swing set, we have a variety of sizes and colors for you to choose from.