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Wooden Swing Set Installation Agreement

Thank you for purchasing your Wooden Swing Set / Playset from WoodenPlayScapes.com.  We offer wooden swing set installation in Lower Michigan, and you have requested to have your wooden swing set installed.

The following agreement is supplied to clarify conditions that are required for a clear understanding between you, the customer, and the installer.


1)   All installation fees are payable to the installer and must be paid upon completion before the installer leaves your location.

2)   The customer must prepare a site for the wooden swing set that is level and free of rocks, stumps, tall grass, trees, and other protrusions.  The selected site should also provide good water drainage.  Homeowner is also responsible for any sprinkler systems components that will interfere with the installation of the swing set.  Your site must be prepared prior to the installation date.

3)   While selecting your site, ASTM Guidelines recommend a 6 foot safety zone play area around your entire wooden play set.  Add this safety zone area to the dimensions shown from your wooden swingset.

4)   Customer is responsible for obtaining any Homeowner Association approval that may be required.  (This should be obtained prior to shipment of your swingset!)

5)   We require that you or an adult representative at least 18 years of age to be home during installation.  This individual must have the authority to authorize correct placement of your wooden swing set and to make decisions or answer questions that may arise.

6)   Please do not ask us to install your playset on yards that are freshly seeded or sodded.  Customer will be held responsible for any damages if your swing set is installed in such an area.  Customer is responsible for re-landscaping and reseeding these areas at the customer’s expense.

7)   Once installation begins, if the customer decides to have the swing set moved to a different location within the yard, there will be an extra charge.

8)   The installer is not required to do any digging to level the site.  In some occasions, the install may notch down a corner, or shim a corner to level.  If digging is required, there will be an additional charge of $30.00 per man-hour.

9)   If your swing set site is not on a level area or is deemed unsafe, the installer has the right to refuse to install.

10)  Installer will not make any changes to your wooden swingset that are not standard to the manufacturer’s design.  If adjustments are to be made to your wooden playset, they must be discussed prior to the installation date and the proper installation price agreed upon.  

11)   Customer is to supply electricity.  (Our installers will have 100 foot electrical extension cords.)

12)   For the safety of the installer and the customer’s children, the customer is to keep all children away from the wooden play set installation site until after the installer has finished the installation and the area is cleaned of all tools and debris.

13)   Homeowner must keep all dogs inside or leashed away from your swing set assembly area until the installer leaves your property.

14)   Installation time varies throughout the year; this varies due to our amount of installations and weather conditions.  All installations are done in the order that they are received.

15)   The Installer will condense all packaging materials and place them in or near your trash/recycle bins.

A $100.00 return installation fee will apply, if for any reason (listed above) that causes our installer to be unable to completely install your wooden swing set and has to return to your worksite.


Your projected installation date is 



Customer’s Signature:  _________________________________________________

Please Print Name: _________________________________

Date of Approval:  ________________________


I have inspected the work completed by the installer and find it to my satisfaction.  I also understand that the slide, ladder, rockwall, and ramp cannot be lifted, if lifted, it may break or cause damage and is not a covered as a defect.  The installer has also given me advice on routine maintenance of the wooden swing set.

Customer’s Signature:  ______________________________

Date of Approval: __________________________

Installer Name: _______________________________________________________