Wood Designs Classic Appliances – Sink Only

Ranges feature rounded, unbreakable, plastic handles, black burners and movable control knobs. Sinks include a tough, plastic swivel-faucet with movable knobs, smooth safety plastic door handles and durable plastic sink pan. All appliances utilize real, heavy-duty, self-closing, top-of-the-line Pinch-Me-NotTM cabinet hinges.

Range and sink: 24″H x 19-1/2″W x 15″D.
Hutch top: 12″H x 19-1/2″W x 5″D.Hutch bottom: 24″H x 19-1/2″W x 15″D. Refrigerator: 36″H x 19-1/2″W x 15″D.

Also See:
WD10100HK Range 35 lbs.
WD100200HK Sink 33 lbs.
WD20700HK Hutch 47 lbs.
WD10400HK Refrigerator 47 lbs.
WD10002HK Set of (4) Appliances 162 lbs. (Pictured)