Area: 34 ft x 26 ft
Capacity: 24 – 28 kids
Age range: 5 to 12 years
Activities: 8
Materials: wood or steel
Quality: Commercial Grade
Order Code: TC-1142

All of our wooden play sets add an attractive, natural element to the playground setting. The structural wood is treated with non-toxic ACQ preservative. ACQ pressure treated wood is EPA approved and contains no CCA (Chromium-Copper Arsenic). This process is environmentally friendly and does not seep into the soil. Most importantly, it poses no danger to children. ACQ protects against dry rot, decay and termite attack, and it weathers to warm brown color. Because ACQ contains no arsenic or copper-Chromium, safety is enhanced for our craftsmen and disposal is not an environmental concern.


* All of our beams are hand-selected, routed, drilled and sanded to assure the quality we have become known for.
* Our exclusive cast collar system allows for easy installation and modular design.
* Exclusive custom scale models can be used for display and fundraising.
* More economical than steel structures and easy to install.
* Warm, natural, durable, and long lasting – blends into the environment.
* No play structure it too small – we can design to fit any budget or size requirements.

Combining the beauty of wood and the strength of steel, our classic playground designs enhance the play environment for children of all ages. Because the components are totally modular, the design potential is virtually unlimited.

These structures have been built to provide the right balance challenge and safety. The variety of play elements offers opportunity for active play and physical development as well as social interaction. The rugged construction assures long years of service through all kinds of weather.