Swing Kingdom – Tunnel Express Slide
3ft Deck Height – (1 Entry, 1 Straight Tube, 1 Exit)
5ft Deck Height – (1 Entry, 2 Straight Tubes, 1 Exit)
7ft Deck Height – (1 Entry, 3 Straight Tubes, 1 Exit)
9ft Deck Height – (1 Entry, 4 Straight Tubes, 1 Exit)

Being enclosed in a tunnel that is a straight path to the bottom is sure to delight children of any age.

Constructed of premium, fade-resistant materials, the Tunnel Express Slide will look as good as new even after years of use.

This slide can fit a 3’, 5’, 7 ‘or a 9’ deck height.

Colors Available:

Extra Straight Tube Slide Section Available:
Adds for an additional 2ft Deck Height

Must be Purchased with Slide Order