Rubberific® Landscape Border

* Designed to suppress weed growth under and around fence lines. Borders can also be used along flower beds, walkways, or drive ways – anywhere a clean and well-maintained look is needed

* Easy to install in a straight line or gentle curveWith weed fabric!


Define your landscaping and put away the edging spade forever with maintenace-free Rubberific Landscape Borders. These borders are available in 4 ½” x 8’ lengths.

* Enjoy long-lasting beauty 365 days a year

* Suppress weed growth while allowing air, water and nutrients through

* Put away the weed trimmer forever

* Mow right over it

* Available in Earthtone and Redwood

Installation instructions:

* Place the Rubberific Landscape Border on the area that you would like to protect.

* Using a shovel, cut the grass along the outside edge of the border. Remove the border.

* Remove all the grass where the border is to be placed and level the soil. Enough soil should be removed so that the border sits level with the base of the grass, or surface you are installing it around.

* Compact the soil. For additional weed protection you may spray the area with a weed spray prior to installation of the border.

* Position the border and anchor the border every two feet with a landscape anchor pin.

To make a gentle curve: the Rubberific Landscape Border may buckly slightly when creating a curve – simply press a landscape anchor pin firmly into the center of any buckle to smooth it out.

* To make a sharp curve: it may be necessary to cut a small slit in the Rubberific Landscape Border using a utility knife where you would like the sharp curve. Pull together the opening, cut off any excess overlap material, and use a landscape anchor pin on each side of the cut to create the curve.