Wooden Swing Set Safety Pads

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Help protect your child with these Swing Set Safety Pads. Come view our Swingset Bumper Pads and wooden Swing Set Accessories!


swing set safety pad offers added protection to solid wood boards or wood slats
by hugging around the areas that you think need coverage.

Just wrap it
around the inside of the board on the play set, so that it covers the area of concern and faces them.

Our Swingset Bumper Pads will protect your children where softer areas are needed for your Wooden Swing Set.

These Playset Bumper Pads Feature:

* 1? thick foam padding for 2?x4? wood boards

* Marine Grade Vinyl w/ Velcro Connectors

Length 22″ ? Width 13″ ( Custom sizing are available! )

These Playset Bumper Pads are available in green or blue.


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Weight 2 lbs


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