PlayMor 920 Stately Abode Wooden Swing Set

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PlayMor 920 Stately Abode Wooden Swing Set

Calling all young princes and princesses to the delightful Stately Abode Playset! Your youngsters will feel like the precious gems they are as they spend countless hours with this deluxe Dream Castle playhouse. Their imaginations will soar as they climb the Ladder to the Guard Tower area and use the Telescope, Periscope, and Steering Wheel or whoosh down the 14? Scoop Wave Slide on some escapade. Inside the playhouse, with its Child?s Round Table and Chairs, just might become the popular place for them to spread out their projects and store their treasures.

End to End: 10 Feet
Front to Back: 22 Feet
Swing Beam Height: None
Deck Height: 5 Feet & 7 Feet

Recommended Safety Zone Area:
43 Feet x 39 Feet

Features and Benefits:
* The Dream Castle is made from #1 Grade Treated Yellow Pine with smooth surfaces and rounded corners. This helps to protect your children’s hands and arms from splinters and abrasions.

* Weather-resistant Pinnacle Cedar Roof makes a little shade for your energetic youngsters and helps protect part of your tower from rain and the sun’s UV rays.

* 14′ Scoop Wave Slide adds an extra swoosh of excitement.

* 12′ Gang Plank with double rope railing and wooden safety treads provides a safe walkway up into the tower.

* 5? Ladder

* Your children can play games, draw, or have a picnic on the Child’s Round Table and Chairs.

* Telescope, Periscope, Steering Wheel, and Telephone add some fun up above.

* Easily add some cheery blooms to your play area with 6 Flower Boxes.

* 4 Shutters

* 2 Hand Rails make the climb to the tower a little safer for your children.

* 4 Flags for some extra splashes of color.

Suggested Use:
* Age Appeal: 3?14
* Play Capacity: 1?12 children

Swing Set Assembly Information:
PlayMor Wooden Swing Sets are shipped Semi-Assembled.
(i.e. Swing Beams, Rock Walls, and Fort Panels are delivered assembled.)

Most swing set models by PlayMor Swing Sets can be assembled within 4 to 8 hours.

Warranty Information:
Structural Components: 10 Years
Accessories: 1 Years

Shipping Information for your PlayMor Wood Swing Sets:
The Freight Delivery company will contact you to schedule the appointment for your delivery.

Delivery to your residential curbside by a common carrier freight company.? The delivery company will not move your playset components into your home or garage. You are responsible for moving your PlayMor Swing Set Parts to their final location.

Important Note Regarding Freight Shipping:
The customer or person(s) representing the customer must be present at the delivery address to help unload your swing set off the freight truck and sign for the shipment.

If there are any visible shipping damages, accept your shipment, but you must inform the truck driver and note the damages on the freight company’s shipping paperwork.

If you fail to note any damages on the shipping paperwork, this will release Wooden and the shipping company of responsibility regarding any damaged parts.? Then, any costs for replacement parts of damaged materials that were not noted on the freight company’s paperwork will be billable to the Customer, along with any additional shipping charges.

Your PlayMor Outdoor Swing Set can be ordered in different colors, with different accessories and slide options.

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