Little Cottage Company Gambrel Barn Chicken Coop – Panelized


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Little Cottage Company Gambrel Barn Chicken Coop
4′ x 6′ or 6′ x 8′ Panelized Kit with Floor

Little Cottage Co.Chicken Coops allow you to have fresh eggs from YOUR backyard!

There are several great reasons to raise your own chickens; easy to manage, endless supply of fresh eggs, as well as free fertilizer and something to eat your weeds and garden pests.

And what better way to house your feathered friends then with one of our quality built chicken coops!

Standard Chicken Coop Features Include:
1) 14″ x 21″ working window with tempered glass and screens
1) Chicken Door
4) Nesting Bins with egg laying area for 6-8 hens (4×6) or (6) nesting bins for 8-12 hens (6×8)
1) Man Door
1) Ventilation Bar
1) Chicken Ramp included

High quality siding and trim

DIY Chicken Coops: –Include all of the above features (Except Roofing Materials & Shingles)
Come in panelized wall sections
All pieces are precut
All fasteners and hardware are included
Customer must purchase shingles, drip edge, and paint.

Delivery of Panelized Kits:?
Little Cottage Co. panelized kits are shipped nationwide via common carrier.

When your shipment is expected to be delivered via common carrier, you will be required to have 2 people there to help unload.

Your shipment will arrive on a pallet (number of pallets will vary with size of building).

The truck driver will help remove the bands and wrapping on the pallet, the 2 people will then be required to unload each panel piece by piece from the truck.

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4 x 6 Panelized, 6 x 8 Panelized


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