Hatteras Hammocks Tufted Single Cushioned Swing – Canvas Turf


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Though compact, our Canvas Turf Tufted Swing packs plenty of craftsmanship perks — hammock-style clew knots securing the spray of soft, all-weather DuraCord hanging ropes to zinc-plated steel hanging rings, a 40-inch natural-finish cumaru spreader bar, two rows of nickel-plated rolled-rim grommets and a double lockstitched border of the same solid-color fabric as the seat back.

But great looking materials alone hardly encompass this leisure leader's considerable charm. To ease back into our disarmingly roomy solo swing, your feet barely grazing the ground, is to immediately feel your worries begin to melt away!

Quite simply, this little beauty packs a relaxation wallop.

The fabric is two layers of synthetic solution-dyed Sunbrella sandwiching a thick center of nonabsorbent polyester hollowfill fiber made from recycled plastic drink bottles. The most recognized name in outdoor fabric, Sunbrella is not only resistant to rot, mold, mildew and staining, but is also exceptionally colorfast, with a softness recalling cotton.

The pillowy contours are courtesy of 10 nickel-plated rolled-rim grommets, which also help prevent rainwater from pooling in the swing seat.

The cushion spans 2 feet across, while the 40-inch cumaru-wood spreader bar holds the DuraCord hanging ropes open wide, so the swing seems to grow larger the higher up you go. Zinc-plated steel hanging chains and hardware further ratchet up both looks and durability.

Stand-Out Features

  • 40-inch spreader bar is solid unfinished South American cumaru
  • Hatteras cumaru comes only from managed forests
  • Sunbrella fabric is solution-dyed, for colorfastness
  • Synthetic fabric and rope, but soft as cotton to the touch
  • DuraCord rope is 3-ply thick
  • Nickel-plated rolled-rim grommets with spurred washers, for added stability
  • Made in the USA
  • Swing stand sold separately

Item Specifications

Length Spreader bar: 40 inches
Weight Capacity 350 pounds
Width Seat: 2 feet
Fabric Colors Canvas Turf green; reverse is solid neutral color
Warranty 1 year
Materials Two layers of all-weather solution-dyed Sunbrella fabric; center of recycled polyester hollowfill fiber; solid cumaru-wood spreader bar; zinc-plated steel hardware; nickel-plated rolled-rim grommets; 3-ply DuraCord rope
Accommodates 1 person