Hatteras Hammocks Steel Swing Stand – Bronze


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Crave real relaxation? You've gotta zen it to win it!

In many parts of the Far East, they talk "the now," of not being drawn in by worries about the past or future, but just existing in the moment, what's happening this very minute, right now. That's a large part, of course, of what's meant by "zen."

Our Steel Swing Stands, simple to assemble and not at all difficult to move, makes settling into the moment as simple as suspending your single or double swing, then letting your legs dangle loosely and your mind wander free. What worries? No worries!

Think of it as relaxation emancipation. It's zen-tastic, ain't it?

Stand-Out Features

  • Fits either single or double swings
  • Weight limit 450 pounds
  • Overall height 7 feet 1 inch
  • Base dimensions 6 feet by 5 feet 6 inches
  • Fits either a Hatteras single or double swing
  • 12-gauge steel poles 2 inches in diameter
  • Simple assembly
  • Lightly textured Cape Shield Powder Coat for rust protection
  • Cape Shield Powder Coat is among the thickest, most uniformly applied and environmentally friendly industrial coatings available today

Item Specifications

Color Bronze
Country of Origin USA Made
Height 7 feet
Material Steel
Type Swing Stand
Made in the USA USA Made
Weight Capacity 450 pounds
Width 5.5 feet
Length 5 feet
Weight Capacity 450 pounds
Width 5 feet 8 inches
Color Bronze
Warranty 1 year
Material Heavy-duty steel
Accommodates Swings up to 52" inches wide