Hatteras Hammocks Single Cushioned Swing – Spring Bay Stripe


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If you can bring yourself to unglaze your eyes as you gaze off into nothing, relaxed as any rag doll, then take a close look at the serenely patterned seat fabric beneath and behind you. Striped with coastal hues of seafoam blue, citron green, oatmeal, tobacco-brown and gray, it's like a mix of sky, sand, weathered wood and sun-dappled water, a little bit of ocean-calming relaxation for the eyes!

The top layer of all-weather fabric is solution-dyed DuraCord, designed to hold its calming colors even after seasons of brilliant sun and extremes of wet and frigid weather. To heighten durability even more, this inspired swing's wide spreader bar is made from unfinished cumaru, one of the densest, hardest and, for that matter, prettiest woods on Earth, which naturally ages to a lovely silver-gray. Likewise, we use zinc-plated hanging hardware for advanced rust prevention and rolled-rim grommets to further stabilize the heavy stitching.

Relaxation this fine will only make you greedy for more, so we figured we'd better construct this swing to last!

Stand-Out Features

  • 40-inch spreader bar is solid unfinished South American cumaru
  • Hatteras Hammocks cumaru is harvested only from managed forests
  • All-weather fabric, including top layer of DuraCord, is solution-dyed, for colorfastness
  • Synthetic fabric and rope, but soft as cotton to the touch
  • DuraCord rope is 3-ply thick
  • Rolled-rim grommets with spurred washers, for added stability
  • Made in the USA

Item Specifications

Length Spreader bar is 3 feet 4 inches
Weight Capacity 350 pounds
Width Seat: 3 feet 2 inches; total: 4 feet
Fabric Colors Stripes of seafoam blue, tobacco brown, oatmeal and loden green; back of cushion is a solid neutral color
Warranty 1 year
Materials DuraCord rope and fabric; cumaru spreader bar; zinc-plated hardware
Accommodates 1 person