Hatteras Hammocks Quilted Hammock – Canvas Sakura Jacquard


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Reminiscent of classic Japanese floral prints, the black-and-white motif of dainty cherry blossoms and hydra-headed leaf branches is imbued with a rich quality of exotic familiarity. It's a perfect design for a top-quality Hatteras Quilted Hammock, which is expressly designed to lift you up out of the ordinary, into a lovely state of lavish relaxation.

The fabric itself is two layers of our own solution-dyed synthetic DuraCord lockstitched over a plush center of recycled polyester hollowfill fiber. Resistant to staining, fading, rot, mold and mildew, DuraCord nonetheless has a softness to rival cotton. The top fabric layer is the charming Sakura Jacquard design; the bottom and side-binding are a complimentary solid neutral color.

Framing the hammock bed are two thick spreader bars of richly hued, deeply grained, unfinished South American cumaru, among the densest, prettiest, woods on Earth. Chains and hanging hardware are handsome, rust-resistant zinc-plated steel.

Stand-Out Features

  • DuraCord is solution-dyed, for colorfastness
  • A synthetic fabric, DuraCord is nonetheless as soft as cotton to the touch
  • Solid unfinished South American cumaru spreader bars
  • Hatteras Hammocks cumaru is harvested only from managed forests
  • Zinc-plated hanging hardware includes 2 tree hooks
  • Made in the USA
  • Hammock stand and pillow sold separately

Item Specifications

Length 13 feet, from O-ring to O-ring
Hanging Distance Potentially takes up to 15 feet of space, if using chains provided
Width 4 feet 7 inches
Fabric Colors Pattern of Black and Oatmeal; reverses to solid neutral color
Weight Capacity 450 pounds
Materials Two layers of all-weather DuraCord fabric; center of polyester fiberfill batting; solid cumaru spreader bars; 3-ply DuraCord rope; zinc-plated hardware
Accommodates 2 people
Warranty 1 year