Eastern Jungle Gym Swing Set Rope


  • Marine rope made of braided nylon
  • Available Rope Length: 15′, 19′ or 22′
  • Available Rope Color: Green or Yellow
  • Available Rope Diameter: 5/8″ or 1″


Multi-Use Playground Rope

After purchasing one of our backyard playground jungle gyms, or even before purchasing, you can add one of our multi-use playground ropes as an accessory, backup, or add-on to your jungle gym. Our playground ropes are perfect for all types of practical and accessory uses, including gang plank ramps, Jacob?s Ladders, and climbing ropes. They are also perfect for repairs and other household use! Each of our playground ropes is made using only the most quality braided nylon, which prevents both splinters and fraying over time. This makes the rope more resilient, sturdy, and safe?it won?t hurt your hands, or the hands of your children!

It?s easy to use our ropes for a variety of purposes. If you are looking to add on one of our fun backyard playground jungle gym accessories, or have a creative idea of your own, our multi-use playground ropes are perfect for every type of application. All ropes come available in two colors: yellow and green, and can be purchased in four different sizes and two different diameters, depending on your individual tastes.

Enjoy the magic of a backyard jungle gym playground, and encourage your kids to get outside, play, and use their imagination!

Shop through our playsets and accessories, and don?t forget to add one of our ropes to your order!

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Rope Size & Color

5/8" x 15' Yellow Rope, 5/8" x 22' Green Rope, 1" x 16' Yellow Rope