Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty Steel Swing Set Anchors



Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty Steel Swing Set Anchors

Heavy-Duty Steel Play Set Anchors as an added safety feature and to provide extra support and stability to your backyard swinging structure.

These anchors are recommended for use on clubhouse posts and swing beam supports. Made of heavy-duty rebar, they come standard with a green baked enamel finish to help prevent rusting and to prolong the life of the product.

Swing Set Anchor Specifications

    • Anchor is 20″ long
    • Anchor diameter is 5/8″
    • Washer diameter is 1-1/2″

Installation Recommendations
After swing beam side supports (or clubhouse posts) are installed, position the anchor at an angle and insert it into the ground next to the beam. Pound down the anchor until the anchor washer can be secured to the bottom of the post with a lag bolt. Please see the diagram below for more detail.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


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