Display – Play Mor 901 Salty Breeze Yacht Wooden Swing Set

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Let your children envision new worlds and escapades with the Salty Breeze Playset. They can use the Ship’s Wheel to guide the Yacht out of the harbor. When out on open water they can imagine the salty breezes as they whoosh down the 10’ Scoop Wave Slide. A dash up the Gang Plank and they can be back on deck around the Child’s Round Table and Chairs choosing their course or engaging in a game while the world laps by.

End to End: 19 Feet
Front to Back: 16 Feet
Swing Beam: None
Deck Height: 4 Feet & 5 Feet

Recommended Safety Zone Area:
31 Feet x 28 Feet

Features and Benefits:

* The Baby Yacht is made from #1 Grade Treated Yellow Pine with smooth surfaces and rounded corners. This helps to protect your children's hands and arms from splinters and abrasions.

* This product has been re-stained for display purposes.

* 10' Scoop Wave Slide adds an extra swoosh of excitement

* 10' Gang Plank with double rope railing and wooden safety treads provides a safe walkway up into the tower.

* 4’ Ladder

* Your children can play games, draw, or have a picnic on the Child's Round Table and Chairs.

* Ship's Wheel adds some fun up above.

* Hand Rails make the climb to the tower a little safer for your children.

* 3 Flags for some extra splashes of color.

    Suggested Use:

    * Age Appeal: 4–14
    * Play Capacity: 1–14 children

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