Wooden PlayScapes.com’s

Lower Michigan

Installation & Maintenance Services


Wooden PlayScapes is Michigan’s Premier Wooden Swing Set Dealer based out of Clio & Kawkawlin, Michigan. 

In Lower Michigan, we offer a variety of programs to our customers including wooden swing set assembly, swing set tune-ups, wood cleaning & sanitizing, and re-staining/painting of their wooden play structure.  We can also offer you other services like: Delivery Services, Pre-Assembly Ground Preparation, Landscaping and Mulching.  All of these services are provided through our network of service providers.  

It is a simple process:  Shop our web-site or visit our Display Yard in Clio & Kawkawlin, Michigan.  Decide on what wooden playscape you want to purchase.  We will ask you for the brand  name, model design that you are interested in, location of your desired assembly, and about other additional services that we provide, then we will provide you with a quote. 

If you decided to get your wooden play structure installed, Wooden Playscapes.com will then process your order with a minimum deposit of 50%.

After your order is placed, Wooden Playscapes will help coordinate any services that you purchase until your job is completed.  We stocks several of our brands and we can provide these services to you in a relatively short time frame.  Your remaining balance is due after the completion of your job.     

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Let us make your life easier, call us 1-866-665-0105 for your Wooden Playscape installation needs!