Daily Safety Tips for Outdoor Wooden Swing Set

It is important to keep your children safe when they are playing on their outdoor swing set.  To promote safety during their active play, it is ALWAYS recommended to provide adult supervision and be actively involved.  Stay alert, move around, and keep your kids in sights, especially your young ones.

1)  Go over basic precautions with your children, such as, always taking turns and sliding down feet-first on the slide.

2)  Refrain children from walking close to, in front of, behind or between moving play features.3)  Refrain children from twisting swing chains or ropes since this may reduce the strength of these items

4)  Warn children to avoid swinging empty swing seats or gliders

5)  Teach children to sit in center of swings with their full weight on the swing seats

6)  Teach children to use the backyard playset in the intended manner.

7)  Teach children not to get off play equipment while still in motion. 

8)  To avoid potential clothing hazards, while your children are using their backyard playsets, make sure they are wearing well-fit clothing and shoes. 

(Avoid loose fit clothing or items with loose strings: drawstring pants, ponchos, halter-tops, scarves, or etc…)

 9)  Children should wear shoes at all times.

10)  Allow your child to only play on equipment that is appropriate to his age.

11)  Make sure the playground surface, underneath swings, climbers, and slide has the appropriate ground protection.  (Standard lawn and grass areas are not considered as ground protection.) 

 12)  Refrain children from climbing on playground structures when wet.

13)  Bring a safety kit with you. 

(This can be as simple as a zip-lock bag that contains some wet wipes, antibiotic cream and a few adhesive bandages.)

14)  Make sure your child is wearing sunscreen and stays properly hydrated. 

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Information is supported by the National Program for Playground Safety