Wooden Swing Set Tune-Up Package:

Starting at  $ 99.00 

Many manufacturers recommend monthly maintenance which is generally difficult for most home  owners.  We highly recommend, at the minimum, having us perform this required maintenance for you at least once a year.  Let us help you make sure that your wooden playset or swing set is safe for your children to use.  Early spring is a great time to have us perform this maintenance program for you so we can assure you that your wooden swing set is safe for your kids’ early spring play.

This package includes:

Safety Inspection: (Including complete fastener check and re-tightening of all hardware)

Lubricate all ductile swing hangers, spring clips, swing connectors, and adjustable metal connections

Clean and grease all grease fittings on tire swings swivels

Swing beam level check and adjustment

Inspect any other specialty items that may be on your set which require periodic maintenance.

If we find any problems with your set, we can repair them for you at the rate of  $30.00 / man hour plus any material costs.