Weight Limits for Gorilla Playsets

* Fort Platforms: 800 lbs. Total Weight

* Swing Belts: 225 lbs.

* Tandem Swing / Glider Swings: 70 lbs. Per Child up to 140 lbs Total Weight

* Trapeze Bar: 125 lbs.

* Full Bucket Swing or Half-Bucket Swing: 50 lbs.

* Infant Swing: 35 lbs

* Tire Swing: 125 lbs. Total Weight

* Rope Ladder: 75 lbs.

* Rock Wall: 150 lbs.

* Climbing Ramp: 150 lbs

* Monkey Bars: 175 lbs

* All Slides: 150 lbs.

Gorilla Playsets – PlayNation Swing Sets recommends that the weight limits for all components must not be exceeded.  Failure to adhere to these and other safety guidelines could result in damage to the playset and injury to the to the users.


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