Little Cottage Company Atlanta Chicken Coop with Floor – Panelized


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Little Cottage Company Atlanta Chicken Coop w/ Floor

Little Cottage Co. is introducing it’s new City Chicken Coops!

These are a great addition to our line of chicken coops.

Our new City chicken coops are great for the Urban Farmer, either style will hold from 2-4 chickens.

This great design offers the chicken coop, with exterior nesting bins, an enclosed chicken run, as well as a handle and wheels for easy maneuverability.

Either one of these styles would work great as a rabbit cage as well! (Atlanta or Berlin Coops)

Both styles measure 30″ x 66″ at the base.

Exterior enclosed area- 27″ x 41″
Interior enclosed area- 25″ x 31″
Overall Height- 41″
Overall size (including nest box) 33″ x 84″
Small door size- 9.5″ x 13″
Large door size- 14″ x 27

Little Cottage Co. panelized kits are shipped nationwide via common carrier.

When your shipment is expected to be delivered via common carrier, you will be required to have 2 people there to help unload.

Your shipment will arrive on a pallet (number of pallets will vary with size of building).

The truck driver will help remove the bands and wrapping on the pallet, the 2 people will then be required to unload each panel piece by piece from the truck.

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