Super Scooter Spring Rider from PlayNation/Gorilla Playsets

This isn?t your ordinary scooter?it?s a Super Scooter!

Take this scooter for a spin and a bounce.

The Super-Scooter Spring Rider is so much fun with its super bounce power!

It?s a real joy-ride! It?s perfect for young riders, ages 3-7.

The Super-Scooter?Spring Rider toy is permanently secured to the base, and the 2 handle?bars are fitted in place.

They are separate pieces inside the unit. The?Super Scooter also has an extra safety bar at the rear of the unit for?extra support.

*Comes?in bright red color with yellow and blue number sign.

Size: 14″W x 32″D x 33 1/2″H

** For Residential Use Only **

** Price Includes Shipping **

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs


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