Create Your Own – PlayMor Playset

Step 1: Choose your Tower or Play Shape

Single Watch Tower, A-Frame Summit Tower, Double Sky Tower, Large King’s Tower, Baby-Voyager-Youngster Yachts, Dream Castle Tower, and Choo Choo Train Engine.

Watch Tower Series
Pre-Designed Models

Summit Tower Series
Pre-Designed Models

Sky Tower Series
Pre-Designed Models

King’s Tower Series
Pre-Designed Models

Baby Yacht Series
Pre-Designed Models

Voyager Yacht Series
Pre-Designed Models

Youngster’s Yacht Series
Pre-Designed Models

Dream Castle Series
Pre-Designed Models

Choo Choo Engine Series
Pre-Designed Models

Step 2: Choose Your Roof Style

High Quality Vinyl – Tear Resistant Canopy or Cedar Wood Roofs

Step 3: Attachment Swing Beams

Choose from a 2 position to a 4 position swing beam and height of your swing beam.

Step 4: Swing Accessories

Choose your swing accessories for your swing set. 
From baby swings for the young kids to a hammock swing for the adults.

Step 5: Wood Add-on Kits

Would you like a picnic table area so you can sit in the shade of your wooden tower or a lower cabin and play kitchen area for the kids?

Picnic Table Kits

Wood Floor Kits

Tower Cabin Kits

Tower Connector Kits

Fort Tower – Kitchen Add-on Kit

Step 6: Wooden Playset Entry Options

Choose the ways you want to get into your wooden playset fort. 
Select from a step ladder, combo climb, cargo net climb, rockwall climb gang plank, and monkey bar attachment.

5′ & 7′ Steps

5′ Combo Climb

Cargo Net Climb

Rockwall Climb

12′ Gang Plank

Monkey Bar Climber

Step 7: Slide Options

For even more fun, add a Wave, Scoop, Tunnel or Tube slides to your wooden playset!

10′ Wave Slide
for 5′ Deck

10′ Scoop Wave Slide
for 5 Foot Deck

14′ Scoop Wave Slide
for 7′ Deck

5′ Side Winder Slide
for 5′ Deck

7′ Side Winder Slide
for 7′ Deck

5′ Turbo Twist Slide
for 5′ Deck

7′ Turbo Twister Slide
for 7′ Deck

Fun Items, Toys, and Accessories

Now it is time to add the finishing touches. 
Select a binoculars, steering wheels, telescopes, mailbox, hand rails, fireman’s pole, and much more.