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Why Should You buy a Wooden Playset

When you invest in a Wooden Swing Set, you are making an investment in your child’s early childhood development by increasing her self-confidence, social skills, imagination, physical strength, and muscle coordination development. 

Self-Confidence:  At the beginning, your child will not know how to maneuver around the wooden playscape.  As he learns how to climb the ladders, slide down the slide, or swing on the swing,  she will increase her own self-confidence.

Social Skills:  A Wooden Playset will provide a wonderful location for your child to increase his social skills and build life-long friendships.  Your child can learn how to interact with her siblings, friends, or neighbors playing at his play structure, by sharing the swing or taking turns sliding down the slide.  They can plan their next imaginative adventures, tell stories, and play games in their own private deck areas.

Imagination Development:  As your child plays with her steering wheel, telescope, and periscope on his outdoor play structure,  she can let  her imagination run wild.  They can pretend that they are climbing a mountain, sailing a big ship, or flying to the moon.

Muscle Coordination and Physical Strength Development:  When your child plays on the climbing ladders or rock wall of their Swingset, your child will increase his balance, muscle coordination, and physical strength.

The key to investing in a wooden playscape is to make a one-time investment.  Make your investing decision as if your child is 10 years old.  Invest in a Wooden Play Structure large enough for your child to grow into, not out of.  That way you don’t have to purchase different playsets as your child gets older.


PlayNation & Gorilla Playsets are the same company, but they are marketed under two different labels with different model names.  The lumber boxes & the hardware box are identical.  The main difference between them are: the PlayNation Swing Set label has a Lifetime Warranty on the lumber, the Slide is upgraded with a Lifetime Warranty & there is a 2 year warranty on the accessories verses the Gorilla Playsets label product has a 10 year warranty on the lumber & a 1 year warranty on the vacuum formed slide and accessories.

Under our drop-ship program, if you order a Gorilla Playset model - we will have a Gorilla Playset model shipped to you.

For our Cash & Carry, Company Delivery, & Installed orders, we stock the PlayNation Swing Sets labels and we will automatically convert a Gorilla Playset model to a PlayNation Swing Set model that has the longer warranty at No Extra Charge. 

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Wooden playsets

When you invest in a Wooden Swing Set, you are making an investment in your child’s early childhood development by increasing their self-confidence, social skills, imagination, physical strength, and muscle coordination development…