Frequently Asked Questions

What is poly lumber?

Poly lumber (PL) is an innovative form of lumber made entirely of virgin or recycled plastic. Ours uses 95% recycled plastics, making it an eco-friendly lumber choice. It is also 100% recyclable after its original use.

Exceptionally strong and durable, poly lumber resists cracking, splitting, and weathering, yet remains remarkably lightweight due to its high strength-to-density ratio. Also hailed for its versatility, poly lumber can be produced in countless shapes and colors.

How is poly lumber produced?

Poly lumber is composed of virgin or waste plastics including HDPE, PVC, PP, ABS, PS and PLA. The plastic material is rendered into powder or pellets, mixed to a dough-like consistency at roughly 400 °F (204 °C), and then extruded or molded to the desired shape. Additives such as colorants, coupling agents, stabilizers, blowing agents, reinforcing agents, foaming agents, and lubricants help tailor the end product. Pre-distribution testing ensures the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

What kind of fasteners do you use?

Fasteners are an extremely important element in the assembly of a quality piece of furniture. Wildridge uses Marine grade fasteners. These powerful fasteners are typically used in the Marine industry and are designed to withstand harsh elements.

Our 316 Marine grade fasteners are just part of the reason we can offer a 20-year residential warranty!

How does poly lumber compare to wood?

Poly lumber is easily molded to meet almost any desired shape, a major advantage over wood. Poly lumber works similarly to wood – it can be shaped using conventional woodworking tools. At the same time, it is waterproof, stain-proof, and resists all types of rot and mold. Poly lumber never needs to be painted or re-painted, as the final lumber product can be manufactured in a broad range of colors, including simulated wood grain details.

Poly lumber is highly weather-resistant, thought it is not recommended for extremely hot climates as it could deform slightly in extreme heat.